Take your dog out for an adventure, log your miles and see what you can achieve with
your four legged companion!

Our categories:

I. Yearly category: Platinum
Hike as many miles as you can and earn p.a.w.s. for being an pawsitive dawg

II. Just do it!
1000 miles challenge: Gold
750 miles challenge: Silver
500 miles challenge: Bronze
250 miles challenge: Copper

Our challenges are:
1. with backpack
2. without backpack (bike and running)
3. by bicycle

Divided into three age groups:
0-18 months (no biking challenge)
18-6 years
6 years +

How to get started:
1. Use your phone or gps and download your miles onto:

2. No gps or phone? Go to MapMyFitness.com to log your miles. Use the application to
log your miles without using our phone or gps. Less P.A.W.S. but miles still count!

3. Download our form and send it in:
Beyond Companions
P.O. Box 1535
Cupertino, CA 95015

Make your own Facebook page:
Join us: Facebook.com/TheAdventureDog preferably as a page. We will like you back
and follow your progress. We encourage you to take pictures of your adventures and
keep us up to date!

Paws: Point Awards with Smile (kudos)
Gain points for miles and extras.
Without a backpack: miles hiked: 1 paw per mile
With a backpack: miles hiked: 1.5 paws per mile
Run: 1.5 paws per mile
Bike: 1.5 paws per mile

Extra P.A.W.S.:
Organize an event such as a hike, run or ride: 10 paws per hike

P.A.W.S. are only available if mileage is officially tracked by a gps device or signed off by
a pre-approved person.
Mileage will count but P.A.W.S. will make the difference!
We want to make sure to keep it pawsitively fair for everyone!

Keeping a log for your miles:
Track your distance and take pictures along the way. Create a Facebook page and give
your team a name: You and your dog! It would be great to

We will still count your miles even if you don’t have a witness to sign them off. You just
won’t get any p.a.w.s. and they count at the end!

Go out and have fun. Stimulate your dog’s mind and body. Remember, a tired dog is a
happy dog!

Let the challenge begin! Hike on!

Disclaimer: Beyond Companions LLC is not liable/responsible for members participating in the challenge. The
Adventure Dog Challenge is mere a motivator to get people and dogs out to exercise. Any injuries resulting from
participating in the challenge is the sole responsibility of the human participating.
Be safe. Think Normal. Be Normal.
The Adventure Dog Challenge is a service marked brand by Beyond Companions LLC. All rights reserved. 2011.
The Fitness Challenge!
The Adventure Dog Challenge is a service marked brand by Beyond Companions LLC. All rights reserved. 2011.