Kids Rules:

  • Need to understand that dogs may bite.
  • Need to understand that not all dogs are child friendly.
  • Need to understand never to approach a strange dog especially when the
    owner is not present.
  • Need to understand only to pet a dog when the owner has given
  • Need to understand to respect a dog and never to pull the ears, tail or
    poke in their eyes or other body parts.
  • Need to understand to stay calm around dogs. No yelling, no screaming.
  • Need to understand not to run to or away from a dog. Stand like a tree, don’
    t move like a rock.
  • Need to understand that a dog is never to be disturbed while drinking, or
    eating, or resting, or sleeping.
  • May walk/hike the family dog as long as the dog is under control.
A Canine Hiking Club
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